Your passion is swimming? Do you want to know the mysteries of the sea? Extreme tourism takes you exactly where you want. Do you like to dive and swim under water? Then you must follow a diving course. In diving, you have the chance to discover a whole new world of lakes, flora and fauna. You will get the best diving training and the international NAUI or SSI scuba diving patent.

With this patent you will be able to diving at any dive base in the world and you will benefit from discounts on renting a diving equipment or charging airbags.

To practice diving, first you have to be convinced that you are in excellent medical form and physics. Our instructor will explain what a diving equipment is composed of and how it is used. Your first lessons will be theoretical. You will learn the principles of physics governing the underwater world. The following lessons will be practical, you will dive in the basin and into the sea.

Listen carefully to all the indications, and learn signs of communication under water, they will be useful when you are in the depths and you will not be able to talk, but only communicate by signs. You're all wondering how and where to dive this summer at sea. Extreme tourism deals with this! The Black Sea offers many surprises, and diving will take place in Eforie Sud at the head of the Turks.

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