It's a unique experience you have to live to really realize what it means and, especially, how it makes you feel. Lovers of strong sensation and adrenaline are found in this sport and obviously repeat the experience.

Many of us wanted at least once to try an exciting, "dangerous" sport, but most of us only remain with the imagination and fear of putting our plan in place.

Why Do We Need To Do Skydiving?

It is true that only courageous people end up doing this sport, but we are very careful about the risks. So to have a good flight, a well-trained training is needed for both tandem and individual flight.

The equipment is very securely used and gives us the safety of a pleasant and safe flight.

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Tandem Skydiving

Minimum jump conditions are:Minimum age: minimum 16 years old, with both parents legalized by a nota..

1,300.00 lei Ex Tax: 1,300.00 lei