Paraplaning is often seen as a more risky sport than it really is. In order to be safe, we need a well-prepared training and instruction. Parapantist equipment is very well built and if used with care will never yield.

Flight is always made according to the weather so as not to cause any trouble. A paraglider has at least 30 suspensions connected to the columns and each is so strong that it can support the weight of the pilot and the passenger, which makes this sport a very safe one.

Paragliding is an extreme sport, safe and full of adrenaline. Our pilots are professional and exclude any risk.

Tandem Flight with Paraglider

Tandem paragliding is the simplest way to try for the first time the flight and its sensations.

Tandem paraglider is a 2-seater (pilot and passenger) specially designed for tandem flight. The pilot and the passenger each have their own insurance system. The passenger will be caught by the paraglider harness in front of the instructor.

For tandem flights there are no age, height, or weight restrictions. From children to grandparents, anyone can enjoy experiencing the pleasure of flying. Minors need the consent of one of the parents. No previous experience is required, just the instruction given by the instructor.

How do we fly?

Detachment is done only through a light running, following the pilot's instructions.

In just a few steps, the paraglider will rise slightly (there is no sense of jump as the parachute). Then the flight follows, the passenger is comfortable and relaxed, admiring stunning landscapes with his hands free, taking pictures or filming. For those who are curious, the parrot's chair is very comfortable, unlike an ordinary harness.

The landing will be as easy as take-off, it will still be a few meters.

For your safety you need to wear boots or sports shoes that hold your ankle and a wind jacket!

Tandem flights take place every day from Bunloc - Brasov Peak (1200m) depending on the weather conditions. The meeting place is in the parking lot of Bunloc Wheelchair (Bunloc Street 185) or at the ticket office.

Classic Flight:

It is the most popular tandem flight that we recommend to try the paraglider for the first time. Running time: all year on Bunf Hill (Monday-Sunday) and from November to March on Postavaru Peak

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Parapanata Poiana Brasov

Take off from Vf Postavaru - Poiana Brasov (1800m), only the winter season (November-March), duratio..

400.00 lei Ex Tax: 400.00 lei

Zbor cu Parapanta

Detachment from Bunloc Peak (1200m), all year (January-December), duration: 10-15 minutes.Filming an..

300.00 lei Ex Tax: 300.00 lei